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  • Revolutionary way of finally seeing what we have been looking at for so long. After 4 years in corporate industry in UAE, I have words now to describe what we experience culturally.
    Shelly Bibby, Director of Operations, Construction Specialities

  • I hope the message from this workshop becomes the norm in our company.
    Shaimaa Ali, L & D Specialist, Emirates

  • ICI is the biggest breakthrough in inter-cultural analysis for at least three decades and stands out from all other concepts by being so practical to apply with clients.
    Nicolai Tillisch, Author, The Leadership Circle

  • This has given me the tools to make creating win-win inter-cultural success for my clients and their customers much more attainable.
    Jeremiah Cady, Business Development, Global Connections

  • This is something everyone working in this country should be exposed to – it’s not some niche subject!!
    Keith Yoder, English Language Teacher, UAE University

  • Great input. Thanks for shaping a new direction...A lot of homework for us to do after this workshop.
    Emirates Airlines

  • I hope the message from this workshop becomes the norm in our company.
    Ernst & Young

  • KnowledgeWorkx provides a very helpful launching pad for improving our inter-cultural relationships.
    Africa Worker

  • KnowledgeWorkx are undoubtedly world class experts in strategic HR planning. One could not have a more valuable ally.

  • Cultural intelligence should be an integral part of the training and development process for any expat or employee of a global organization.
    Aviation Trainer

  • The course has been particularly useful in helping me better understand our multicultural audience and more importantly, how to develop specific messages that will resonate with each of them. I intend to share what I have learned!
    Dubai Strategic Team

  • Very powerful material that will forever change the way you communicate and interact.
    Middle East University

  • I wish I had this long ago.
    Course Participant, Arab Peninsula

  • This workshop gave me the tools necessary to provide solutions in coaching others on adapting to new situations.

  • The information presented in the ICI workshop is invaluable for anyone working in a multicultural environment.
    Women’s College

  • The world is round but strangely we continue to live in boxes. Our mindsets, our tribal loyalties, our fixations…we remain bounded to a tribal, almost primitive, worldview. KnowledgeWorkx is the human technology to break out!
    CEO, Singapore

  • A stimulating and revealing new look at something we never know as well as we think we do.
    College Faculty

  • The sessions made me stop for a moment and analyze my own behaviour and deconstruct some opinions and pre-conceived ideas.

  • This experience peeled back another layer in how to understand and come to terms with culture’s impact on people and organizations.
    Course Participant

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