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November 25, 2012

KnowledgeWorkx Facilitates Learning & Development for 160 Staff at Fujairah HCT

KnowledgeWorkx Facilitates Learning & Development for 160 Staff at Fujairah HCT

Launches the Inter-Cultural Intelligence initiative for staff, faculty, and students.

KnowledgeWorkx facilitated a learning & development program at the General Staff Meeting of the Fujairah Colleges of Higher Technology to launch HCT's Inter-Cultural Intelligence initiative in Fujairah.

Experiential learning engages people at the emotional level as well as a cognitive level, and makes learning more likely to be recalled and participants more likely to be interested. Through the program provided by KnowledgeWorkx, HCT staff, faculty, and students went through an experiential learning program that cements their recognition that each person has a culture, and that different cultures play by different rules. It was an engaging introduction to the topic, and KnowledgeWorkx helped participants move on to the next step and reflect on their own strategies interacting in an intercultural environment, and how they respond in dealing with intercultural roles.

KnowledgeWorkx Associate Beth Yoder who facilitated this program, is a primary designer of KnowledgeWorkx's Cultural Mapping & Navigation program and plays an key role in the development KnowledgeWorkx Inter-Cultural Intelligence materials.

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