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December 23, 2016

Discovering the cultural side of sales

Why decision-making coaching requires inter-cultural intelligence
Discovering the cultural side of sales

Our first article about sales highlighted the behavioral side of becoming a better “decision-making coach” — how a better understanding of our own personality and drivers makes us better at engaging with people, better at building long-term relationships, and better at being a trusted advisor. The Everything DiSC Sales Profile brings these insights and skills to life as it shines a spotlight on our personality and behavior.

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There is a second side of sales, one that is often neglected, misunderstood, or simply ignored. This is the cultural side of decision-making coaching. Since the world is increasingly global, and since there are many factors that influence our personal cultures, almost every encounter we will have as decision-making coaches is by definition an intercultural exercise.

The Three Colors of Worldview cultural lens

KnowledgeWorkx shines a spotlight on the cultural side of decision-making coaching through a lens we call the Three Colors of Worldview. This lens helps us to identify and understand what we bring into the sales conversation, or into any buying or decision-making conversation, from a cultural perspective. It helps illuminate those frequent moments so that we can recognize them, and use them to our advantage.

You can begin to explore the Three Colors of Worldview by reading some of our topical articles, reading our eBook, or by taking our Discovery Tool test which will provide you with a personal report about your Three Colors of Worldview profile.

Culture informs the thought-process behind buying decisions

When it comes to making a decision, many of us might assume that everyone just wants to make the right decision. Because, obviously, that means avoiding the wrong decision. Surely, then, the role of the buying-decision coach is always to assist the buyer to come to the right conclusion, and therefore to come to the right buying decision – isn’t it?

But what if there are other motivations that are closely bound to other worldviews, each just as valid? Perhaps a buyer’s driving motivation is not to make the right choice, per se, but to make the most honourable choice. Certainly, the choice they end up making might be exactly the same as the choice of the buyer who comes at it from a “help me make the right choice” perspective; but the reasoning used to get there will be very, very different.

For example, if honor is the buyer’s objective, the thought process about which car to buy and which car not to buy will be typically far less “me-oriented”: it will be far more family- or group-oriented. Conversely, a particular car might be bought in order to avoid shame, or to mitigate shame.

Similarly, there is a third driver that rounds out the Three Colors of Worldview. This motivation involves power and its converse, fear. The objective for such a buyer would be to gain or maintain positional power. The decision-making coach therefore must take yet a different approach in order to resonate with a potential client that comes at decision-making from this perspective.

Bring a new dimension to your salesmanship

When a salesperson, or decision-making coach, understands the compelling cultural motivations that attend the different worldviews we encounter, he or she can come alongside the buyer or potential client in a more meaningful or profound way. Recognising cultural drivers and their influence on decision-making is a very practical and powerful tool.

Furthermore, when you combine both the behavioral tool of the Everything DiSC Sales Profile with the Three Colors of Worldview cultural tool, you gain doubly enriched insights that significantly increase your chances of success as a devision-making advisor, including the ability to connect and build relationships with potential clients.

As an inter-culturally intelligent advisor, you will truly help your clients to make the best decisions, the most honorable decisions, or the decisions that will empower them.

Quickly becoming the global preferred choice for Inter-Cultural Intelligence development, KnowledgeWorkx promotes mutual understanding of other cultures and perspectives in the workplace, and helps teams to develop the intercultural capacity necessary to thrive in a globalized world.

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