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December 12, 2012

The Belfast Report: KnowledgeWorkx and BRC Partnership in Northern Ireland

The Belfast Report: KnowledgeWorkx and BRC Partnership in Northern Ireland

Round-Table with Key Leaders and Inter-Cultural Intelligence at the Metropolitan Arts Centre

Round-Table Discussion Industry Leaders

On Thursday December 6th, 2012, KnowledgeWorkx International Director Marco Blankenburgh and BRC Partnership facilitated a round table discussion with key leaders in corporate, government and education circles. They focused on Global trends and how globalization has shifted what companies and people need to be successful. They clarified the place Inter-Cultural Intelligence has in this area, and explored practical applications in Corporate Strategy, mergers and acquisitions, HR, Organizational Development and the customer interface.

Inter-Cultural Intelligence at the MAC

Then on Friday, December 7th, the partnership presented on the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help companies succeed in the global workspace, at the Belfast Metropolitan Arts Centre last week.

Diane Nugent, President of the Ulster Teachers' Union said, "The seminar on Inter-Cultural Intelligence was excellent! I think this would be of particular interest to school leaders. . . The entrepreneurial aspect of it is also interesting for perhaps business studies pupils/ Higher Education under-graduates and indeed all teachers who are shaping their pupils to be citizens of tomorrow."

"The Cultural Intelligence seminar hosted by BRC/KnowledgeWorkx was enlightening." Said A. S. Mackay, the Principal of Finaghy Campus, "As with all BRC events, participants are challenged to look below the surface and to ask themselves honest questions."

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