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Culture made Practical: Self-Cultural Analysis

What if in addition to personality tests there were cultural profile tests to help you discover who you are as a cultural being? There are. Let us save you from trying to memorize a list of traditions for 200+ countries. Simplify your grid for...

ICI Cert

The ICI Framework consists of contextual analysis and observation techniques as well as practical resolution approaches and strategies developed through 20 years of experience on five continents in multiple industries. The ICI Framework gives...

Inter-Cultural Intelligence Certifications (2)

The ICI Certification is an intensive journey for equipping participants with the core methods and tools of the ICI development framework. Check out the introduction video, below. In-Person Certification ICI Certification workshops allow participants...

Connecting in intercultural organizations

An application of the 12 Dimensions: Understanding how Inclusive and Exclusive connecting can improve interaction and information sharing among team members in your company

Destiny in intercultural education

An application of the 12 Dimensions: Understanding how differences in Destiny orientation can make or break your international career and impact organizational development?

Coaching that transcends the dimensions of culture

Inter-cultural factors can blur the separation between coaching and mentoring. An Inter-cultural Intelligence Coach should learn to change hats between the two, and be much more versatile in the way they approach the coaching relationship and the...

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