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Unlocking Mergers

How to get beyond petty misalignment to the core clashes of organizational culture and still create a successful merger.

Diversity is Inevitable

We live in a complex, global world where intercultural interaction is a necessity. Unless we are extremely sheltered, we find diversity all around us in many forms, every day.


Three Colors of Worldview series: Mastering the art of negotiation in an intercultural environment

Resolving Intercultural Conflict, Part 3

Exploring two approaches to conflict resolution in intercultural contexts: This is the 3rd and final part of a brief series on resolving intercultural conflict.

University of Porto, Portugal

The University of Porto is the largest university in Portugal and one of the most prestigious teaching and research institutions in the country.

Finance in a global world

Applying international financial best practice may not produce the results you expected, since the people to whom you are addressing your requests do not hold the same worldview.

7 popular articles on Three Colors of Worldview

The Three Colors of Worldview is a simple but powerful discovery tool that addresses the beliefs and assumptions underlying culture and behavior. Here are seven of our popular articles on this topic.

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