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Three Colors of Worldview series: Mastering the art of negotiation in an intercultural environment

Applying the Innocence-Guilt Cultural Paradigm, Part B

At least in the mind of someone accustomed to the Innocence-Guilt way of thinking, it boils down to “who dun it": you either did it (and you’re guilty), or you didn’t (and you’re innocent). Did you trespass a law? Did you undermine an absolute? Did you...

7 popular articles on Three Colors of Worldview

The Three Colors of Worldview is a simple but powerful discovery tool that addresses the beliefs and assumptions underlying culture and behavior. Here are seven of our popular articles on this topic.

Three Colors of Worldview (2)

Three Colors of Worldview Working with different cultures can be a challenge. What if you could learn to thrive in all cultures, even ones you haven’t encountered yet? Start here with the foundational drivers of culture: the Three Colors of Worldview....

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